neděle 8. září 2019

KALI performance

Sokol gym in Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic, 2019
Part of Festival of Naked Forms, 2019, the topic of year: Pain

For 30 minutes I was hanging on to the rings in the gym. This physical deprivation made me so busy that I was not able of "normal" thinking.  I was forced to concentrate fully on my physical activity. At the same time, my body was in tense and twitch as it was looking for little relief. To be sure that even that even in my face would not appear any  "faked", "untrue", I concentrated my gaze on the void in front of me and tried to keep my tongue hanging freely from my mouth. The atmosphere of the event itself was further complemented by the site-specific of the gym itslelf.  The niche with the rings made almost impression of an altar, and audiences heard an audio record of aerobic training pushing to maximum excercie mixed with the Indian mantra, a prayer to Kali for calming the spirit. Throughout the performance, the assistant served to audience a shot of schnnaps in which was dropped a pin.  After they drunk the schnapps, she jabed the pn into their left heel - an acupuncture point of spiritual power (Achilles' heel) - and tried to knock the viewer to the ground. Interesting was also the conclusion of the performance. After I dropped myself from the circles to the ground, I was so physically exhausted that I just respired, completely appalled and out of the "normal" state of mind. Feeling in the body could be compared to orgasm ecstasy bliss.  I was unable to move for a few minutes. It was interesting for me to have an experience during performance working withthe  tension: the constant effort to relax and keep myself in maximum strain at the same time.

pátek 26. července 2019

Crossing Borders transmedia symposium

Area of Kruhovský Mill, Laškov, Czech Republic, 2019

The main aim of Trans-Media Symposium is to create the platform for artists collaboration through reduction/limitation which will give an opportunity for creative insight into the issues of individual media, leading to their unconventional development and deeper research and communication. Canvases, colours, musical instruments, dance floors, cameras, projectors, reflectors, sound equipment, and computers with all post-production applications will be exchanged for environment - nature landscapes and materials and own being - body, voice, conscious meditation. Every individual present has its place and time to develop and explore his own view of its relation to creation; searching for deeper intentions and as well the sources of expression. This intensive research will lead to common debates and further deepening of the theme, both within the individual concept and in the group creation. These conditions will help not only artists, but also the disciplines themselves to find their way back to themselves. Instead of developing individual media in a specific way, artists will strive to cross borders and fill the spaces. Finding common points, a common intention to respond to what arises in the art process between different materials. This universal process of creation and expression, free from the art media diversity, along with the presence of a natural element, approaches the form of ancient rituals; it is essentially a mutation of the term inter-media to the term trans-media (pre-media).

pátek 5. července 2019

HALÓ, PROSÍM! performance

Floating gallery (A)VOID, Prague, Czech Republic, 2019
Part of Prague Biennale Project: Magic Carpets 2019, topic of project: Public space

According the topic of the Magic Carpets project I opened the issue of public space as a platform for reality filtering. Everyone has the opportunity to move, present, exist within this common space. But what will penetrate through space from one person to another? How much we are able to target each other, to embrace our being. What do we want to see and what stays invisible to our eyes? Public space as a spectacle of society. The parable of a homeless / drunk who calls for attention is set amongst viewers as well as among randomly passing public. They have the opportunity to confront this individual directly, observe him impartially from a distance or simply ignore him. The viewers are physically disadvantaged in their view - the spotlights light in their faces and they wearing 3D glasses.

sobota 27. dubna 2019

INSIDE/OUTSIDE performance

Fair trade Palace, National Gallery, Prague, Czech republic, 2019

Inside/outside was part of collective performance Theatrum Mundi 3.0. Separatization of inner and outer world. Performer's unposibility to communicate with vicinity, react on outer impulses.  Neither his inner feelings and experiences don't coming out on surface. Each movement is extended to exhaustion and falling. This spasmodic expression is the only thing what express inner statement of performer. 

neděle 31. března 2019

TO DO NOT BE FOR 1 HOUR performance

Prague, Czech Republic, 2019
Náměstí Míru

In the night from 30/3 to 31/3 we missed one hour because of change from winter time to summer time. As the one hour was not exist, I decided also to do not be for one hour. Full surrender, what ever will happen. 

čtvrtek 21. února 2019

HOLLOW performance

Brno, Czech Republic, 2019
dance cooperation: Michael S. Blaško

First of the projects from the Serie The Little Night Performances. 

Artistic expression through dance and movement in the scenography of depressing city-landscapes might to evoke the inner states of mind - depression or anxiety, which are so common in city life style. It is not sure if the reinforced concrete structure is stabilizited or not. If the man falls deep in the hollow in the ground or is be able to get out of there. Uncovered bodies tells about fragility and the  make up about inability to communicate with the outer world.

úterý 12. února 2019

TOUCHES paintings, videos

Series of painting and videos which works with the touch of myself in the Separate reality/ reality behind the mirror. I tried to find me in the world of magic and symbols.