sobota 26. září 2020

ARTIFICIAL HELLS, installation, performance

Klenová Gallery, Czech Republic, 2020


curator: Adéla Matasová

You new spark of an eternal fire, into which night were you born? We passed by in our ridiculousness and senselessness when we caught sight of you. Our eyes were blinded and our knowledge foll silent when we received your radiance.                          C. G. Jung

The fate of man as participation and completion of natural processes. Efforts for Opus Magnum. Materialization of ideals, revelation of mysteries, divine principles. Alchemy of posthumanism - to technology, to nature. An endless cycle of temptation to understand  and eternal failure. Faustian complex. The effort to penetrate into the very essence, Materia Prima, Great-Source. Nevertheless, this holistic concept can be conceived only in a state of dreaming, in a non-form of potentiality.

neděle 9. srpna 2020

PACHITA performance

 Pakosta Gallery, Litomyšl, Czech Republic, 2020

Part of collective studio exhibition Action/Presentation

Curator: Tomáš Ruller

The performance is a free adaptation of the famous Mexican healer Pachita. Within her "psychic" operations, she was possessed by the spirit and then performed interventions in this trance and created a strong atmosphere in which everyone present perceived that it was a real surgical procedure.




pondělí 22. června 2020

HOLOTROP performance

TERÉN - field for performing arts, CED, Czech Republic, 2020

sound master: Andrei Shulha

technical support: TERĒN, CED

text: C. G. Jung

holotropic >> towards integrity (dictionary of foreign words)

Performance experiment inspired by 5-MeO-DMT experience, contemporary Performance Art scene in Helsinki and work of C. G. Jung.

Reality research, sensory deprivation, thought manipulation, search for 'prespace' of collective unconsciousness, expressions out of form.

link on vimeo:

pondělí 15. června 2020

DEPTHS performance

Ferdinand Baumann Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2020
Part of collective 24h performance
Concept: Darina Alster

The 24-hour performance format offers the opportunity - remaining in a state of different reality. This mythological level, independent of space-time, causality or the outside world, can then be explicitly expressed through the performer and confronted with the outside world. The innermost experiences are exposed in public space as well as in the homeless. Every breath is a warning that we are still alive and yet we are sinking somewhere further and further from man towards being.

pondělí 1. června 2020

IKARUS, painting, mosaic

series of paintings, 2020

Painting: ink, tempera, cardboard, 140x75
Mosaic: glues, cardboard, 255 + 140, inspiration: Maria Uhden: Himmel, 1918

Searching for the intersection and blending of the physical body and
the abstraction is my most important topic during this semester.
Here I am dealing with this topic in the form of paintings. 

neděle 17. května 2020


lenght: 20:34
Brno, Czech republic, 2020
music: La Monte Young + Marian Zazeela: The Theatre Of Eternal Music 

The work is a combination of two videos of a documentary nature of my quite common morning and evening routine. But the video does not follow me as an object, but the room with very slowly changing shadows on the walls. This visual is accompanied by the drone music of La Monte Young and a sound recording of my common housework (cleaning the room, washing dishes, etc.), independent of the video visual. This piece is then supplemented by subtitles, which create a kind of poetic commentary. It  tells about some kind of personal dives between falling asleep and waking up. The world that is present every night and yet forgotten every day. Abstraction meeting the concreteness of everyday life together with the music of La Monte Young creates a hypnotic atmosphere in which something from this mysterious world, described in the works of C.G. Young might pop out. 

sobota 14. března 2020


lenght: 2:32
Brno, Telč,Czech republic, 2020
music: Hanns Zimmer: God Yu Tekkem

Video works with the phenomenon of selfie. Two simultaneous videos zoom my face
in two different moments, but both thematically devoted to heaven, deification, whether
it is capturing a moment of inner ecstasy (left video) or creating an external visual
environment (left video).